What is Delivery API

One Single API, to get access to your own message handling system to send large amounts of messages at the same time, via multiple channels, like voice, sms, email, Push to App, Push to Web, Slack messages and to be delivered via your own preferred providers.

Delivery API is a service for developers by developers.

It is based on our own needs, when we developed our Ripples emergency message solution. A tool to inform large groups of contacts as quickly as possible. Sending a lot of messages is the base of the application. Every developer knows that when you are building an application that is capable of sending a lot of messages simultaenously, you need a kind of message handling system. A system that takes care in which order your messages are sent and that all messages are really sent and not lost somewhere in the proces.

There is no standard solution available for this that you can use as a standard service. So every developer needs to build his own solution using a mix of custom developed code and general available tools like queuing- and database tools. Delivery API changes this. It is a standard available API based service, that any developer can use as its message handling system to send large numbers of messages.

Sofar, we haven’t talked about the type of messages you can send. This is because, the need for a ‘message handling system’ is there whatever type of message you are gonna send. As soon as you want to send multiple messages there comes a point where you need such a system.

Delivery API is built to support many type of messages and this way becomes the single API platform to build multi channel applications. Right now it supports voice calls, email, SMS, push notifications, slack, webhooks and more to come. Using the single API developers can now easily build multichannel applications that have the highest possible reach and impact with their endusers. Whatever medium their contacts prefer to use, their multichannel applications will always reach their contacts via the medium they prefer most ! No more hassle with different kind of API’s for different type of media. Just 1 single API, it can not be easier.

To deliver your messages Delivery API will use your preferred message delivery providers. To do so, you can select or keep on using you preferred providers and link them to your Delivery API account. Within your Delievery API lists, where define which messages you want to send to which contacts, you can define exactly which of your providers to use for that list. That way you can really optimize your message delivery.

Currently Delivery API supports the following message delivery providers:

  1. Amazon SES
  2. Amazon SNS
  3. IBM Bluemix push notifications
  4. Nexmo
  5. Plivo
  6. Slack
  7. Twilio
  8. Webhook

Getting Started with Delivery API

Getting Started with DAPI is easy


  • go to the providers page
  • select the provider you want to link
  • fill in the API -details of your providers account
  • save your settings
  • test your settings

2. Test your Providers API settings

Once you have saved your providers API settings you can test the settings by sending a test message. For this, we created a test page, where you can test each of your providers and their settings..


  • By default we have filled in a standard test message but if you want you can customize this.
  • By default we have selected the type of message your selected provider is handling. If your provider handles multiple type of messages you need to select the type of test-message you want to send. For example voice or SMS.
  • Then the only thing you have to do is fill in your destination, for example your mobile phone nr. or your email address.
  • And push “Send” to send the test message

Once you have hooked up your providers you can start sending messages via these hooked up providers.

If you don’t have an account with any of our supported messaging providers

For now we assume you already are familiar with the messaging providers we support and even already have your own user account(s) with one or multiple of the providers. If you don’t have an user account we advise you to go to the website of the provider(s) and start with setting up your own account. Most of the providers offer test accounts that are easy to set up at no cost. It a great way of getting to know each of the providers and be able to use them in combination with Delivery API.

If you want to use DAPI but your current message provider is not supported (yet).

Please get in contact with the DAPI team. We are constantly updating DAPI and the providers that are supported. Our customer feedback and requirements will be leading for our development plans. So please let us know what further requirements you have and we will look into it if and when we will be able to support them.

We hope DAPI will make your life a bit easier to develop high capacity, multi channel, messaging applications. This can be complete new applications. But also existing applications can be turned into a multi channel application, easier than ever before.